Geography of Belize

This country in Central America, part of the Yucatan Peninsula, is beautifully tucked on the Caribbean Coast between Mexico and Guatemala. It truly offers the best of several geographic worlds – the inland jungle and rainforests, and the blue water spectacles of the Caribbean Sea.

Most of the northern half and much of the southern third of Belize, as well as the entire coastal area and all the islands, are flat and low-lying. Large sections of the coastline have an elevation of less than three feet. In the north, topography of the land rises to a maximum of approximately 820 feet above sea level in the extreme west of the country. The central part of the country is dominated by the Maya Mountain Pine Ridge, and rises to 3,688 feet at its highest point.

Today, the country divides itself into six unique districts – Belize, Cayo, Corozal, Orange Walk, Stann Creek and Toledo.