Hot Spots – Belize Districts

  • Cayo

    Cayo – This district is often called the Wild West of Belize. It is covered with jungle, woven with rivers and dotted with Maya sites. It’s quite literally a magnet for hikers, bikers, birders, canoeists, kayakers, cavers and archaeologists.

  • Cayes

    Cayes – While not technically their own district in Belize, people often talk about the reef and its surrounding islands as its own special place within the country. The barrier reef spans 185 miles long (the longest in the Western Hemisphere) and its sites, inhabitants and mystique are profound. The cayes (pronounced keys) are islands that are located between the mainland and the barrier reef.

  • Stann Creek

    Stann Creek – Bordering the Belize District to the north, Cayo to the west and Toledo to the south, the Stann Creek District is home to many popular spots for tourists and locals. Visitors truly love the mix of coastal towns (such as Dangriga, Hopkins and Placencia), amazing inland parks and jungle sanctuaries, and the nearby beautiful cayes.

  • Toledo

    Toledo – Bordering Guatemala to the south and west and the Stann Creek and Cayo Districts to the north, Toledo encompasses an area most Belizeans refer to lovingly as “The Deep South.” More than half of the district is under protection as national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, forest reserves or nature reserves.

  • Orange Walk

    Orange Walk – One of the most spread out and thinly populated districts in Belize, Orange Walk depends on the Northern Highway for most of its comings and goings (most of the communities and attractions west of this are connected by a network of unpaved roads). Further west and to the south, roads disappear entirely and you’re in what locals refer to as the “deep bush” – the backwoods jungle country that makes up the Orange Walk District.

  • Belize City

    Belize – The Belize District is centrally located between the northern and southern borders of the country with a variety of transportation options to any point both inland and out to the cayes. Fishing, snorkeling, diving and swimming are excellent around nearby St. George’s and Goff’s cayes while the rivers and lagoons are great for boating and sightseeing.

  • Corozal

    Corozal – Corozal is the most northern district in Belize is a gateway into Mexico and the Northern Cayes of Belize. This is a chilled-out stretch of Belize that is entirely void of crowds, with unbeaten paths and abundant wildlife.