Corozal is the most northern district in Belize is a gateway into Mexico and the Northern Cayes of Belize.This is a chilled-out stretch of Belize that is entirely void of crowds, with unbeaten paths and abundant wildlife.

The chunk of land that flanks the south and eastward shores of Chetumal Bay is both one of the least visited, and most visit-worthy places in Belize. Though topographically not as dramatic as the west or the south (most of Northern Belize is pretty flat), this part of the country is sparsely populated and filled with pristine jungle, cool seaside towns and the amazing coastal Maya ruins at Cerros.

Exhibiting influences from Mexico, Northern Belizean cuisine is more diverse and more daring than its southern counterpart. If you’re ready to trade rice and beans for seafood ceviche, you’ve come to the right place.