Azul Resort

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About Azul Resort

Azul Resort offers a new level of relaxed luxury. The vision in creating Azul was to combine the space, privacy and comforts of a fine private villa with the amenities and services of a world class resort.

Azul offers two private 3000 sq foot villas on 400 feet of beautiful beachfront and 10 quiet acres. Yes, just two, because sometimes ‘less’ is so very much more. The villas of Azul are designed to marry the best of natural elements and materials with modern comforts and sophisticated conveniences. The beauty of the villas lay in their simplicity. Harsh corners are everywhere replaced by flowing lines. The floor plan is incredibly open. The villas also blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Enormous bi-fold windows open up both the living and dining areas to the ocean and tropical breeze. The entire rooftop of each villa is living area as well, with expansive lounging and dining spaces that offer spectacular views of the reef, sunsets and sky. Belize is unparalleled in the diversity of experiences the country has to offer…. From scuba diving the largest reef in the western hemisphere to exploring ancient Mayan ruins, most all of Belize’s attractions are possible on a day trip from Ambergris and Azul. There are also countless fantastic excursions local to Ambergris: snorkeling at the wonderful Hol Chan Marine reserve & Shark Alley, world class fishing and lazy sunset catamaran cruises are all at your doorstep when you stay at Azul.

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