Pelican Reef

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About Pelican Reef

Swaying Palms, sandy beaches, and warm ocean breezes welcome you to Pelican Reef Villas. Experience unparalleled luxury, and service that is raising the standards, in one of their 2 or 3 bedroom villas.

Pelican Reef Villas blends deluxe amenities and breath-taking views with a discreet location 2.5 miles south of San Pedro to give your trip seclusion with real panache! With only twenty-four accommodations, Pelican Reef Villas remains small and exclusive allowing us personalized time with each of their guests. Each Villa at Pelican Reef has a view deck that evokes the feeling of a luxury ocean liner and maximizes the impact of the coastline setting. In every villa guests will find comfortable décor and furnishings that comfort you in luxury and class.

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